The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage: an example of excellence in sapling cultivation

On the occasion of the day dedicated to Pinotage (14 October 2023), we want to present you a wine of particular interest: The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage 2018 produced by the renowned Bellingham winery.

This South African red wine is an extraordinary example of local winemaking mastery and of the Bellingham winery in particular, and represents a noteworthy chapter in the history of Pinotage , a grape variety that has unique and deep roots in South Africa.

The peculiarity that distinguishes The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage consists in the grapes used which come from a block of 43-year-old vineyards, cultivated as saplings . In recent years this cultivation method has been revitalized and adopted by an increasing number of winemakers in South Africa and around the world. It is a cultivation that has its roots in antiquity: characterized by low and unpruned vines, it gives the vines a tree-like appearance, from which its name derives.

This cultivation technique has proven to offer numerous benefits , especially in terms of the quality of the final product . It should be underlined that sapling cultivation allows maximum exposure of the vines to sunlight. Arranged with their open canopy, they benefit from direct exposure to the sun and an optimal photosynthesis process; all of this allows the grapes to ripen more evenly and develop optimal flavor and aroma.

Extraordinary care and dedication is required for sapling cultivation, but the results of such cultivation are often surprising.

In the production of The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage 2018, the sapling-grown vines sink their roots deep into the soil, capturing the unique characteristics of the terroir of Franschhoek, a South African wine region famous for its biodiversity of soils and microclimates. All aromas are also intensified by their complete and constant exposure to the South African sun , which contributes to an extraordinary concentration of flavours. The sensorial profile of the wine is truly extraordinary. At the first sip of this award-winning Pinotage, you discover deep notes of berries, black cherries and subtle spices. The structure is elegant, with soft tannins and a long and persistent finish, which reveals a touch of vanilla and dark chocolate.

This wine therefore embodies the connection between South African land, tradition and the art of winemaking, offering a unique experience for wine lovers around the world.

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