Walls in furnishings: how important are they?

If you think about home furnishings, it's very easy for the bed, chairs, kitchen, sofa to immediately come to mind... but what about the walls ?

Of course, that furniture is not "functional" like a chair or a bed, but precisely for this reason it is where there is greater freedom of choice and possibility of giving a distinctive touch to your home. Walls are very important in the decor and style of your home! Not only. Walls and their furnishings also have three great advantages:

Where people look in a house >> advantage 1) a large portion of the walls is at eye level of a standing person, and another portion is at eye level of a sitting person. The walls are always there, to be looked at, unobstructed by other objects or bodies; in short, you just can't help but admire the walls of a room .

How to furnish a wall: ideas >> advantage 2) if you think of the walls of your home or studio as a blank canvas, you can choose from many brushes to decorate it . Think about frame compositions : compositions are easy to update and renew , changing (for example) only the images or the arrangement, which is impossible to do with a painting, a carpet or a shelving unit.

>> advantage 3) you're still not convinced, and the idea of ​​taking a hammer and nails is holding you back? Don't give up: walls can speak more about you than you imagine, more than many other furnishing accessories. Let's look at the numbers: a 4x3 meter room has:

or 12 square meters of floor and the same number of ceiling, but

or as many as 42 square meters (!) of walls (if the ceiling is three meters high).

Of course, the walls must also accommodate the door, the window, a wardrobe, a piece of furniture and a radiator for a total of...let's say 12 m2; There are still 30 square meters "free" left! 30 square meters (almost three times the surface area of ​​the floor) that we can enhance to make the space more "ours" and to tell our guests something more about us . An opportunity not to be missed!

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