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  • Composizione cornici corse automibilistiche retrò in bianco e nero idea regalo appassionato
  • Misure composizione gare automobilistiche
  • Idea regalo Cape Best per appassionato corse automonbilistiche Formula 1
  • Cornice in legni recuperati antichi bianca con particolari rossi
  • Cornice rossa con foto 10x10 polaroid con immagine vintage formula 1
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Cornici Design

Frame 34x43 HR

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Frame made of antique woods recovered from boats, doors and windows. The frames in recovered wood of the Kruger line have a double frame: the ideal solution for decorating a wall.


Each frame is a unique piece made by hand.

External dimensions: 34 x 43 cm

Internal dimensions: 21 x 30 cm

Light of the picture: 19 x 27.5 cm