Collection: Charlotte LeBleu x Cape Best | Limited Edition

Charlotte LeBleu, alias Carlotta Sangaletti, is a Ligurian illustrator who approaches the world of art as a painter and graphic designer, and recently arrives in the world of digital illustration. After having explored oil on canvas, watercolour, woodcut and engraving, the curiosity arises to experiment with new, more modern techniques, which allow us to keep up with the tight deadlines dictated above all by Instagram, the channel used by the artist to present his most recent works.

Digital works are created on iPad. The program used by the artist allows her to start from a blank sheet of paper, bringing her back to the experience of the canvas. The objects of his illustrations are moments of everyday life, which convey some emotion to the artist.

The Limited Edition features illustrations by the artist printed on luxurious 300 gram matte paper and framed in our reclaimed wood frames.

A collection of 13 unique pieces , whose protagonists are fictional characters, characters from books or characters who really exist and for whom we and the artist feel deep respect.

The only thing in common is the happiness that an object, a color, a gesture of the characters in the illustrations have transmitted to us.

Charlotte LeBleu x Cape Best | Limited Edition