Collection: Lisette Forsyth

Cape Town designer Lisette Forsyth guides us on a journey to discover technology override, "overwrite". Felt pen, charcoal and watercolor trace human figures on bases ranging from design drawings of buildings to pages of old books, to sheet music.

The result is creative and stimulating, as if the artist wanted to indicate that aesthetics must prevail (override precisely) on the rational indications of engineering and schematizations.


On this contrast between types of lines, the phrase of the architect Oscar Niemeyer comes to mind:

"It's not the right angle that attracts me,

and not even the straight, hard line

inflexible, man-made.

What attracts me is the curve

free and sensual.

The curve I meet in the mountains

of my country, in the woman I love,

in the clouds of the sky e

in the waves of the sea.

The whole universe is made of curves.

Einstein's curved universe".


The colors used are dark (blue, brown or black), almost to deceive the indications of the originals and emerge only at a careful vision.

All the works are original, and signed by the author "LF".

Lisette Forsyth | Opere d'Autrice