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Crema di Amarula

Amarula cream

Amarula cream

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On the palate the Amarula Cream is fresh, soft and round.

Full creamy taste with hints of exotic fruit marula persistent.

Alcohol content: 17%

Cap: Screw


Western Cape.

In the vineyard

There is only one place on earth where Marula trees grow: in the subequatorial plains of Africa. Marula trees cannot in fact be cultivated. No matter how hard people have tried, these mysterious African trees remain solidly true to their earthly roots and only grow where they choose. And there\'s only one time of year when Marula trees bear their exotic fruit: at the height of summer. About the size of small plums but oval in shape, Marula fruit ripens to a deep yellow, with a hard outer skin surrounding its white, fibrous pulp. Containing four times more vitamin C than the average orange, Marula is a luscious fruit with a citrus note and a creamy, nutty taste. Archaeological evidence of the Marula fruit can be dated as far back as 10,000 BC with traces of Marula seeds found in Zimbabwe\'s ancient Pomongwe cave. The smooth, light brown seed within each Marula fruit protects its oil-rich kernels which are an essential source of nutrition and have antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

In the cellar


San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Double Gold;
World Liqueur Award: Silver;
World Liqueur Award: Best South African Cream;
The Spirits Business: Gold.

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