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Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan x Artist Plate Project | Dish

Maurizio Cattelan x Artist Plate Project | Dish

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Maurizio Cattelan x Artist Plate Project 2021, initiative of Coalition for the Homeless, an organization dedicated to the fight against the 2020 emergency for the homeless. In these few years, more than 90 world-famous artists have participated in this initiative, creating limited edition dishes.

Each plate is authenticated with printed signature and details on the product box.

Name of the work: Father, 2021.

Material: bone china.

Dimensions: 26.7 cm Ø .

Limited edition of 250 pieces. Complete with original box.

Art & Collectibles x Cape Best: A collection of 10 pieces created by international artists, which find space within our borders. With the good fortune of being able to draw from a private collection, the proposal includes limited editions and sold out in a few minutes, featuring names of the caliber of Kaws, Mr Brainwash, Yayoi Kusama and others.

It is a proposal that has never been seen before in Italy, which looks to the future and which speaks to the ears of those who live without borders, like us."

The Arte & Collectibles collection will be available at Cape Best until 01/31/2024.

Free admission; purchases available in the shop gallery and online.

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