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Weisser Riesling 50%, Viognier 50%.

Shiraz 2019 - Boschendal 1685

Shiraz 2019 - Boschendal 1685

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Shiraz from South Africa with scents of berries and plums, with spicy notes. On the palate, it is fruity and spicy with silky tannins.

A full-bodied but pleasant red wine for everyone.

Pair with: Perfect with red meat e game.

Alcohol content: 14.0%

Cap: Cork


Wine of Origin South Africa.

In the vineyard

So called for its golden appearance, Vin D'Or is the passito produced by Boschendal. The grapes used for this passito are harvested from low-yield vineyards to ensure excellent fruit concentration. Weisser Riesling originates from Durbanville and Viognier from the Elgin Valley. The absence of irrigation and a long period of stay in the vineyard allow a superb concentration of aromas. The bunches are left to dry naturally, allowing the formation of Botrytis, a noble mold that grows on the skin of the grapes and which allows the humidity to slowly evaporate. The concentration occurs thanks to this slow evaporation and the Botrytis gives a unique taste to this wonderful passito.

In the cellar

The grapes are harvested by hand at the desired level of ripeness, generally mid-morning. They are whole bunch pressed. The must remains on the skins for two days during which the press containing it undergoes battonage 3 times a day, morning, midday and afternoon. This slow maceration allows all the natural sugar to be retained. After pressing, the must rests for 24 hours. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks; during the process yeasts are inoculated which favor a very slow fermentation, ideal for not dispersing the natural sugar content, which is completed in small oak barrels.


Michelangelo Awards: Gold; Platter\'s Guide: 3.5 / 5 stars, 83/100 points.

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