Compositions of frames in recovered wood

Evocative compositions, in which images, frames and colors are the true protagonists. You will find various options and sizes, of two, three or more frames, to furnish and enhance your walls.

Our frames are 100% designer.

The design of the frames is simple but at the same time refined and unique. You will find compositions for any environment or style (be it contemporary, modern, classic, industrial, boho chic... or your own).

Our frames are 100% sustainable.

The Design Frames are made with recovered wood: what yesterday were doors, windows, boats or gates are now a design complement with a strong originality. No trees were cut down, respecting nature and our planet.

Our frames are 100% handmade.

No robots, no mass production. All our Design Frames they are made by hand, one by one. Precisely for this reason, they are all unique pieces: we have had thousands of them in our hands and we have never found two alike.

Our frames are 100% ready to use.

On the back they have a notch that is used to hang them (with a nail) on the wall. As soon as you receive them, you can hang them without needing instructions, whatever your manual skill.

The images in our frames are 100% original.

You know those charming old books that no one wants anymore? Here, no one but us. The images included in our Design Frames are clippings from these old books, magazines or albums.

What if you want to change the photos? Well, we'll be a little disappointed, but we know that every now and then it's nice to change, and that everyone has their own passions. The frames are ready to be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on your new image.

All you need is a wall, a hammer and nails. Actually, no... we'll send these to you too.

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