Collection: Boschendal wine estate

Boschendal Wine Estate is a South African winery located in Franschhoek, immersed in a spectacular setting of towering mountains and lush vegetation.

The estate is located in Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest but richest area in flora on earth, characterized by an extraordinary biodiversity of flora and fauna. The Cape Floral Kingdom is heritage of humanity protected byUnesco.


Boschendal Wine Estate boasts a precious heritage of winemaking tradition that has been developing for over 300 years; the land known by the name Bossendal ("wooded valley") was in fact attributed to the Huguenot Jean le Long in 1685. Since then and incessantly, the Boschendal team has worked hard to refine the winemaking techniques (combining the original French skills and the peculiarities of the New World) and to make the environment in which the vines grow more and more sustainable: programs for the eradication of species alien to vines, commissioning of 300 precision humidity probes and an innovative intelligent irrigation system. This ongoing research has allowed Boschendal to receive its fifth consecutive certification of WWF-SA Conservation Champion.


Boschendal\'s winemaking philosophy is first and foremost inspired by the extraordinary natural heritage available to the South African winery, balancing tradition and experience with technological innovation. The high quality and uniqueness of Boschendal wines is the goal pursued by the two working teams (one dedicated to red wines and one dedicated to white wines). The varieties Chardonnay e Shiraz are the gems of Boschendal.


Among the South African wines of Boschendal Wine Estate we have chosen to present the Collection 1685, dedicated to the birth of the winery and for this reason considered the most representative of its roots: the shape of each bottle of the 1685 collection is a reproduction of the original bottle.