The harmony of the Ancient and the Modern: our frames of reclaimed ancient wood meet contemporary illustrations

In the world of interior design and art, the meeting of past and present can create extraordinary beauty. One of the most striking manifestations of this harmony is the use of antique wood frames to frame contemporary illustrations . This fusion of eras and styles creates a fascinating contrast that celebrates the continuity of human creativity, taking us back in time but at the same time pushing us towards the future.

We decided to propose an original combination between our frames in reclaimed antique wood and illustrations by contemporary artists. Our frames carry with them a story that extends through the years; handmade with reclaimed wood, they tell stories of bygone eras and exude a timeless charm. On the other hand, in the contemporary world, illustration is an expressive medium that embraces digital technology and limitless creativity. The artists we collaborate with use digital tools, vibrant colors, and bold concepts to create works of art that reflect our time. The illustrations we offer are often characterized by clean lines, intense contrasts and a bold style.

We have thus created an extraordinary fusion of old and new . The beauty of our wooden frames offers a sense of uniqueness and history, while the modern illustrations add a breath of freshness and innovation. This contrast creates a unique visual experience for the observer and an exceptional furnishing solution.

A selection of frames combined with Elisa Puglielli's illustrations is now available both online and in our shop gallery in Milan (in Corso Garibaldi).

The enthusiasm with which we are working on these collections brings Cape Best back to its original inspiration as a shop gallery . Other collaborations will follow and we will inform you about them during the autumn. Stay tuned!

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